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Trivandrum Hotel

Jane   married Dr. Joseph Raymond Dais, an Indian of Portuguese descent, who later became the Chief Medical Officer of Travancore. The building was then leased to the British Postal Department to function as an “Imperial post office".  In1934, Mr. B. S. Sankaran Nair started “Trivandrum Brahmins” Hotel - however it was the social magnate Late Sri KC Pillai who transformed the home-away-from-home cliché into truth for his political and literary friends.

The restaurant soon became renowned for both the sumptuous ethnic Kerala food it served as well as the part it played as a host facilitating political and cultural discourse among the titans of the day. More than a hotel it was a cultural centre which played a key role in the history of Travancore city.Recently the Hotel has undergone extensive renovation, incorporating state of the art facilities and amenities that conform to latest international standards. The traditional charm and glory has been retained and refined to create a luxurious experience with a true Travancore flavor.


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